Custom PCs to Power Your Creativity

We Build. You Create.


Tailored to fit your

Gaming needs.

Off-the-shelf gaming computers may look flashy, but too often they lack the performance to backup their price tags. And cable management? Forget it!

Building a custom computer means creating a machine that is best for you. When it comes to computers, one size does NOT fit all.


Don't settle for a pre-built.

Go Custom with iRepair.


Professional work


Professional tools.

Tired of waiting an eternity for your CAD software to render models? Maybe your Adobe Suite® applications are feeling a bit...slow.

Whatever the case may be, we can put the pep back in your workstation's step. And it will look as great as it performs, too.

Call or visit the iRepair store to discuss making your new dream work computer a reality.


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Images by Artiom Vallat @virussinside